Look No Further – Currently Available iHerb Discount Codes and Promotions

iherb discount code

From the beginning of 2017 the old iherb discount code system for first-time orders has been discontinued.

With this reform iHerb has reduced their product prices across the board. They will also provide new periodic promotions and discount codes.

I will regurarly update all the currently available iHerb discounts to this page.

Currently available iHerb discounts


● 10 % OFF these Omega-3 Products (Until July 5)

● 10 % OFF Hair Care Products (Until July 5)

● 10 % OFF Sun Care and Insect Repellants (Until July 5)

● 15 % discount on Bath and Beauty Items (Until July 5)

● 10 % OFF on iHerb’s most popular Shampoos (Until July 5)

● 25 % OFF Out of Africa Soaps (Until July 5)

● 15 % discount on Lavender Oils (Until July 5)

● 30 % off on iHerb’s most popular Coconut Oil (Until July 5)

● 30 % off select Chia Seeds (Until July 5)

● Up to 20 % off for These Brands (Until July 5)


Loyalty Program: All customers get a 5 % reward from any purchase that can be used in a future order.

Special Offers

Trial Prizing

Applying iHerb Discount Codes

By using the links above, the discounts will automatically be applied to your shopping cart.

Nevertheless, if you have a separate iherb discount code you can apply it in the shopping cart before checking out. The field to enter the code is below the carts product listing.

iherb promo code

Discounts for Existing Customers

All the way up to the end of 2016 most of iHerb’s promotions and discounts were targeted for new customers. This was somewhat of an annoyance to the existing customer base of iHerb.

This was probably one of the leading reasons for the overhaul of iHerb’s promotional strategy. The reform led to iHerb making more promotional investments towards current customers. All of the iHerb discounts listed at the top of this page apply to both old and new customers.

Some of us old-timers remember a free samples section that iHerb used to have. Now, unfortunately, Specials and Trial Pricing pages have replaced the free sample offerings.

My Experiences With iHerb

For me, starting to shop at iHerb was really a no-brainer after doing a bit of research. iHerb has the largest selection of products from high-quality manufacturers at a low prize.

I started using iHerb in 2010 when I competed in submission wrestling. I was mostly interested in improving my wrestling performance, strength and recovery. I supplemented with whey protein, vitamin D, magnesium, zinc and I tried out various testosterone boosters.

Since then I gradually got more and more interested in overall health and well-being. Partly because my body was negatively impacted by years of work-related stress combined with strenuous training. I have used a lot of probiotics and prebiotics from iHerb to support my gut and also some herbs to aid with sleep and stress management such as ashwagandha.

iherb discount code for existing customersI have mostly used supplements and grocery from iHerb but they offer a wide variety of other natural health care products also such as bath and beauty products.

To this day I have probably made over a hundred orders from iHerb. All the deliveries have come through and I have never experienced problems in ordering.